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Michael-Scott Wines Napa Valley

Michael-Scott Winery, founded in 1996, Michael Quinn created a small bonded winery (CA-BW #6421) on his property located on the west side of the town of Napa in bucolic Brown's Valley.

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Private Label Wines

Micheal-Scott is the only choice when it comes Napa valley and California Private label wines!

Ten years ago, Michael-Scott Wines, Ltd. embarked on a path to establish itself as a producer of Private Label California Wines of the highest quality.  Besides being a Bonded Napa Valley Winery (#6421) since 1996, with its own award-winning wines, we have expanded our scope to include the private label wine business.  We offer a wide range of wines to numerous clients in the US and China (and beyond) from some of the finest suppliers in the Napa Valley and Northern California.

The growth of private label brands, especially for export, has made Michael-Scott Wines one of the fastest growing private label wine companies in the industry.  With increasing demand from Importers/Exporters, Wine Distributors, and Retailers for private label or controlled labels every year, we have shown extraordinary growth while maintaining our strict quality standards and reliability.

Michael-Scott Wines has formed alliances with its production team partners and vineyard sources to ensure continuity, quality and consistency.  The aim of our company is to provide a high quality-to-price ratio, thus allowing our clients to gain higher margins on their end.   Our company draws on its owner's 40 years (Michael Quinn) of experience to manage Production, Winemaking, Marketing, Compliance, Logistics, Sales, and Label Design out of our Napa office.

Whether an existing brand looking for another higher-quality supplier or are just starting out with a new label project, we supply the expertise to make the project successful.  From creating label names to graphic design, winemaking to packaging, Michael-Scott Wines is always available to assist you every step of the way.

For those looking to export wine, we can assist there as well.  China now accounts for about 40% of our private label business. Besides putting together your wine brand, we ensure the required certification export documents are completed in a timely manner.  If needed, we assist with showing our clients the steps necessary in obtaining a TTB Basic Permit and finding a reliable shipping company. 

In summation, Michael-Scott Wines is the one-stop shop for those interested in a Private Label Program.  We are hands on all the way through the entire process.  We have built a reputation for service, communication and commitment.                                                                  

Please feel free to contact us at 707.226.1622 to help you get started!

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