Michael Quinn

Private label wines are on the rise, and frankly, I do not see that going anywhere but up. More and more supermarkets are carrying their own brands, mostly unbeknownst to the shopper. It is a good way to get higher margins for the store while having more control over their own product.

So what’s driving this dynamic besides the higher margins?  Many wine industry experts point to the expanding purchasing power of young Millennial wine drinkers, who are both more experimental than their older Baby Boomer peers as well as more open to spending money on innovative wine blends from around the world. According to Wine Spectator, millennials now account for over 42% of all wine purchased.

Besides supermarkets and end consumers, more wine distributors/wholesalers and restaurants are carrying their own brands in their portfolios and on their wine lists, for much of the same reasons as the supermarkets.

A number of entertainers and athletes have attached their name to their own wine and spirits brands.

We, at Michael-Scott Wines, have also supplied a variety of California wines (to include Napa, Sonoma and Coastal appellations) to those entrepreneurs that sell on the internet, as well as some select wine clubs.

So, if you are looking to create your own label, reach out to us and let us help you with finding that perfect wine(s) for a brand that will be all yours!     Michael

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Michael Quinn

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